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Sally Bridgeman

I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I want to help you feel better. That’s in my ❤

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My Story

It’s about being happy in your own skin.

I have always believed that you can achieve anything in this world if you set your mind to it. Set the goal, make the plan, work hard and have fun along the way.

I am not immune to the false expectations. Yo-yo dieting, diet pills and obsessive exercise stopped me achieving my goals. 

In 2007 when I trained to become a fitness instructor I was able to take a step back and realise that dieting, pills and obsessive exercise didn’t work. I focused on a balanced exercise regime, good nutritional food, and building a positive mind set.

This worked! 

From that moment, I have made it my focus to inspire others, teaching them that exercise and good nutrition can change your mind set. I have worked to build the Gym House community that has a “You can do this!” attitude and that supports each other to be ACTIVE, HEALTHY and HAPPY.

As a Mum of four and a Step mum of a further four children I am the first to understand that focus can be difficult. Challenge has always been my way to focus the mind, and has always driven me to be the best version of myself.

I have trained and run 12 marathons, (sometimes running marathons pushing the buggy), climbed Kilimanjaro, cycled and trekked across countries.

It’s not always gets in the way and we all have different things which drive us to reach our goals. With the right attitude, guidance and support around you, you can achieve anything!

I will help you reach your goals and give you the tools you need to enjoy being fitter, stronger with a positive life approach.

See you soon


PS I haven’t come clean about that slight crumble addiction, but that’s another story……..


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