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It's what we work so hard for!


Sally Changed my life!

The first time I entered in the Gym House, I had no conviction or motivation. For the doctor, I’m in morbidly obese, I think to do the sleeve surgery to remove my weight but before that I decided to try with Sally, the last chance before the surgery. I was fat and not athletic at all.
Everything is difficult, I’m foreign, mother without family to help me and business owner. My English is not good, and I need to manage 15 collaborators for my business, I think it’s not possible for me to take care of me. I spent 5 years to build my business and I didn’t think about me the last 10 years.
The first time I saw Sally, I was really surprised, very beautiful, sporty, and passionate, mother and business owner too, I’m not alone, and not worried to see my fat body, she tells me it’s possible to change your body, but you need to be prepared to eat better and practise sport.
Ok I can try, challenging myself, why not, but to manage with the food was very difficult for me, I eat a lot of sugar and fast food.
Some days it’s very complicated because my body and my mind are not in good shape, sometimes I want to give up because I tell myself that it’s a torture with pain that is difficult to accept but at this moment Sally is close to me, she pushed me and tell me “you can do this”, she knows how to transmit her determination, courage and Sally has the will to make us reach our goals while respecting my rhythm.
And then the weight on the scale drops, my body changes, I have muscles, youpi!!! My breath is better, my daily energy is incredible. I stopped smoking and now I need to practise sport during the
Sally has changed my life because she trusts on me, she pushes me to be a best version of myself, she is by my side in the doubts, the difficulty, the pain, and she continues to believe in me. To jostle me as I want to give up.

Sally is a real example of success.


How Sally changed my life?

Hi , I’m Rebekah and I have always struggled with my weight, joints and lower back.My blood pressure was also very high. Over the years I have tried many diets but none have stuck. After a chat with my friend who already had great results with Sally . I decided to take the plunge and have personal training sessions with Sally . In just 8 weeks I have seen amazing results. My blood pressure is now normal and I have lost weight too.Sally has completely changed the way I see food and drink.Sally has a real passion for health and fitness and that knowledge and enthusiasm really comes across,from the detox to the gym house group classes. I am now addicted to pump and yoga! I was nervous to start as a beginner but Sally makes you feel so welcome and at ease whatever level you are at.The classes are friendly and infectious.I am now looking forward to my fitness journey and know I will achieve it with Sally by my side.x



2022 - 2023

Wow! What can I say its been a rollercoaster!
Back in beginning of January 2022, I found myself in a very uncomfortable state I was feeling upset, exhausted, deflated, depressed and didn't like how I looked and felt in my own body.
My sister was Personal Training with Sally at the GymHouse and kept asking me to come along, I felt so shy and not confident so I kept putting it off. Then one day something in me changed! I joined the gym house, doing PT with my sister and I have never felt so thankful and happy! 
It's changed my life and after a year I had lost 33lbs and I was feeling so good about myself, Sally taught me how to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle; I've had my ups and downs but I think everyone does my new goal this year is to get better with running and maybe loose a few more pounds 😊 I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone better than Sally Bridgeman at the GymHouse she is a fantastic instructor!

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