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The Gymhouse

Getting active, losing weight and living a healthy live is not meant to be a tedious chore, rather a moment in your week or day where you can put all your worries to one side, focus on your body’s amazing abilities and have fun. There will be some sore muscles along the way but with the support of the GymHouse community we can all achieve our fitness goals.

Whether one-to-one personal training, or in a social group-fitness environment I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

Along side your health and fitness programme I can reduce your tensions with a deep tissue/Sports massage, helping to promote recovery from exercise and everyday living activities, recucing the chance of muscle injury.


From my homebase in Sellindge, as a Personal trainer and Group Fitness Leader I have been helping clients get fitter, lose weight or gain muscle in Hythe, Ashford, Folkestone and throughout South East Kent since 2007. 

As a fully qualified and accredited Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader and Sports massage therapist,  I believe that physical activity and tasty nutritious eating, supported by a friendly community, help us be happy and confident in our own skins.


No matter what your aspiration, you can join us, so that together we can enjoy that journey to being more active, getting healthier and feeling happier.


The first time I entered in the Gym House, I had no conviction or motivation. For the doctor, I’m in morbidly obese, I think to do the sleeve surgery to remove my weight but before that I decided to try with Sally, the last chance before the surgery. I was fat and

What's on offer

Personal Training

Ready to get active? A personal training session or a partner training session; in which we will target the areas you want to work on! We set goals, which we can work towards together!

Sport Massage or
Deep tissue massage

A massage technique with which I target inner layers of your muscles which will help you alleviate immediate pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. All from my own personal Massage room at home!

Group Sessions

Group Excersize sessions in the Scout Hut in Brabourne. Yoga, Pump, Attack, Bootcamps, online sessions and much more!

Group Activities

Once you're part of the gymhouse family we organise Breakfast Clubs, Fundraisers and group activities like a yearly Yoga Retreat!

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